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Cooking something EPIC!

2009-01-08 00:41:02 by Patacorow

I finally got Flash CS4 to work on my computer. I'm working on something with OZ right now. It's a tribue to Guitar hero! No wait, it's a tribute to Rockband! Anyway, we named it "GuitarBand". Sounds bad. I know.

I'll try to make it the best I can, but I'm not very good with Flash :P

Here's the logo by the way!

Cooking something EPIC!

Getting CS3!!

2008-04-07 10:29:19 by Patacorow

my flash screwed up, so I think I'll download CS3 now, even though I promised myself I wouldn't!


2007-12-29 01:22:51 by Patacorow

finally, I got into a collection! check mega portal fun!
Thanks for all the people who supported me!

More Ball Tower

2007-10-22 15:08:22 by Patacorow

I submitted two games yesterday, (Ball tower 4, and Ball tower Multiplayer).

I know Ball Tower is kinda lame but I wanna make a full game out of it.

The comments on the games so far have been really great, so thanks guys!
- Yotam

More Ball Tower

Remondo episode 4

2007-10-16 12:57:00 by Patacorow

Hey guys, just an update: I'm making more Remondo, woo. It's gonna be about halloween.
Happy holidays!

Remondo 2

2007-08-21 02:53:22 by Patacorow

Remondo episode 2 is finally out!
Watch it here.